My son plays elite baseball but was struggling with the finer aspects of his swing and he wasn’t able to identify the problem. With Frank’s coaching methods and skills he was able to identify the problem, provide the adjustment in his swing and give my son the confidence that he needed to succeed. When my son thought he needed improvement in his swing he wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help from Frank. Frank provides a serious atmosphere to his coaching approach and a more light hearted approach depending on what is required for the athlete. In each case, the athlete’s skills are improved and his confidence sky rockets so that he feels confident during a game. My son has received multiple scholarships offers and will be attending a US Junior College that has one of the top athletic and academic programs in the entire country. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Frank to coach your son or daughter.

Frank W.

My son starting working with Frank when he was in AA at the age of 13. He wanted to develop and play at a higher level. Frank helped tremendously by developing his pitching techniques and helped his swing and without a doubt helped my son make the elite team. Frank is simply amazing at his craft, he takes the time to develop a player and makes the necessary adjustments for each player. He will tell it to you straight. If your looking to get better and improve your game, without hesitation I would recommend Frank as a terrific coach and mentor.


My son struggled at the start of the season, but after a few sessions with Frank, he found success! Frank guided my son through his transition from AA to AAA level, from aluminum to wooden bats, and from fielding and pitching on a PeeWee-size diamond to a full-size field. Frank is a great coach in every way – with many years of experience, he truly sees my son as a player and as a person.

You rock! : )

Sharon Harris

Frank has the knack of identifying the small things that can be difficult to spot. A good coach makes it look easy. I have known many good coaches – yet none as proficient as Frank at identifying and facilitating the changes necessary to be successful. Using certain drills my son became a power hitter once again. And he helped him throw harder as well. His approach with the kids is wonderful. He truly loves baseball and passes this along to the kids.

Glen Reichwein

Frank was an instrumental part of our AA team’s hitting development. He began working with us at the 14U level through to 16U – wish I met him earlier to avoid the bad habits that some of the players had developed.

His no nonsense approach to hitting resonated with several of the players, including my son. Frank has a keen eye towards finding the hole in your swing and helping to find drills to correct it.

Not only did we see batting averages improve but importantly quality at bats and the approach that our hitters were taking. I would highly recommend Frank for your team or individual training.

Frank gets it! Expert knowledge, great communicator and put my son on the path to achieve. My son started in AA baseball at age 12 batting at the bottom of the line up. With Frank’s help he quickly moved up to the 4th spot. As it turns out hitting was not where his true potential lay. Frank saw my son’s potential as a pitcher. To my surprise, he advised us to try out for elite baseball. Today at 15 he is a Pitcher for The Ontario Blue Jays in the CPBL and working towards college baseball. I always ask my friends that I refer to Frank how they found the experience and it always my son/daughter had so much fun and got a lot better! That’s the sign of a Fabulous Teacher!

Cary Chousky

I have 2 sons who play Rep baseball at the AAA and AA levels. Both of them had lessons with Frank for hitting and they have developed both hitting technique and confidence at the plate. I valued Frank’s methodology that I suggested him to do team sessions with my younger son’s team. If you want to learn to hit properly, you should consider doing private lessons with Frank.

Francis Rementilla

I have two sons that are playing at a high level of baseball: Richard plays minor peewee AAA and Patrick plays minor bantam AA.

Richard was struggling in the beginning of the season – hitting soft infield groundouts and pop outs. He was very frustrated. In his first lesson, Frank was able to quickly notice what was wrong with Richard’s stance and swing, and over the next hour was able to dramatically improve Richard’s hitting. In his next few games Richard felt very confident and started hitting hard line drives for singles and doubles. He even got an inside-the-park home run!

My other son Patrick is a pitcher and had a tough time finishing the batter after getting ahead 0-2. In his lessons with Frank, Patrick learned about the mental game of pitching – how you need to think about what the batter is expecting and to do the opposite. Since his lessons with Frank I’ve noticed that Patrick has matured as a pitcher. He’s had more quality starts and even pitched a complete game 1 hitter!

Frank has a way of talking to his students in a way they can easily understand. After a lesson with Frank, the student goes away thinking, “Wow, that was so obvious – why didn’t I see what I was doing wrong!”. I would highly recommend Frank. He knows his baseball!

Bob S.

I highly recommend Frank as a baseball coach. Frank is a great communicator who really simplifies the art of hitting into concepts that kids can immediately understand and utilize. At the first session with my son Zach, Frank was able to quickly identify and correct problems in Zach’s hitting mechanics. The improvement was evident immediately as Zach started making better contact with the ball and hitting harder and more consistently than ever before.

Chris Lemon

My son has been using Frank as a hitting and pitching coach since he was 11 yrs old and playing Select baseball. We used him whenever his pitching or his hitting was off, to get his mechanics and timing down. He would give him drills and exercises to do and if we felt that his game wasn’t improving we would use him again. My son is now 15 yrs old and plays for a Premier Elite team in Ontario, a large part of his success is due to Frank. If you want your child to be a better ballplayer, it’s a no brainer to use him. He knows the game and he knows how to talk to and teach kids.

Rachelle Seto